And So This Is Christmas


That holiday feeling seems to be
Running late this year
I don’t know about you,
But I am having a hard time
Mustering up a single
Fa la la la la
Let alone decking the halls
With anything…
Extreme times
Call for extreme measures
So here goes-
I will boil cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans
Until my kitchen smells like my grandma’s.
I will slide down the hill at Hillside Park
Feeling the cold bite my cheeks.
I will build a snowman.
I will throw a snow ball or two.
I will make a snow angel,
Lying there, feeling my body melt into the snow.
I will catch a snowflake with my tongue.
I will call a friend I haven’t heard from in awhile-
Just to let them know I was
Thinking of them.
I will sip hot chocolate,
Letting the whipped cream sit on my upper lip
For just a moment
Before I lick it clean.
I will count my blessings,
Of which there are many
And then –I will count them again.
And if I am still not singing Deck the Halls
I will sit with myself for awhile, or maybe longer,
And ponder
This moment
And warm my heart with thoughts
Of family
Deck the halls with…
And friends
boughs of holly…
Peace on earth…
Goodwill to all…
yes, tis the season
Fa la la la la

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